Why Testosterone is a Women’s Health Issue

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Huntsville, ALTestosterone. We usually attribute this male hormone to the characteristics so classic of men. Sex drive, muscle strength, and even career performance. We don’t often think of the role that testosterone plays in the life of every woman. This androgen is produced in the ovaries and continues to provide crucial services in the female body even after menopause.

The Value of Testosterone in Women

There are numerous functions that rely on available testosterone. This hormone supports the maintenance of lean muscle mass and muscle strength, in addition to strong bones. A woman gleans physical energy and mental clarity from testosterone. And we cannot overlook the role that testosterone plays in libido. Not only does sexual energy come from testosterone, but a woman’s sexual pleasure is also tied to this hormone. This is because testosterone is what makes the clitoris and nipples sensitive to pleasurable touch.

The Effect of Age on Testosterone

Aging has a several consequences, many of which are associated with a hormonal imbalance that begins in perimenopause. Testosterone production may decline by as much as 50% when a woman enters “the menopause years.” Ovary removal, as well, can send a woman into a wild ride of hormone imbalance. Another factor in the decline of testosterone is stress, as the body must divert its energy that would go to testosterone production over to the production of cortisol, instead.

It’s Isn’t all about Sex

Sure, testosterone is directly related to sex drive in both men and women. However, there are other consequences that a woman suffers when testosterone levels drop. These include:

  • Increased difficulty managing weight.
  • Persistent fatigue even after that morning cup of coffee or workout.
  • Frequent feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Decreased bone density.

Hormone levels are a very personal aspect of health and wellness. There is no “right” level across the board. There is a right level for you. At Alison Wellness Clinic in Huntsville, patients gain the knowledge of what their body needs through comprehensive diagnostic testing of hormone levels. Restoring optimal balance with bioidentical hormones can mean a great deal regarding overall health and well-being. To learn more about bioidentical hormone therapy and pellet therapy, call 256-489-5748.

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