Quick tips to Help your Teen make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Teen Nutrition Classes Huntsville ALAt Alison Wellness Clinic, we offer nutrition classes to help you and your family make the best choices for eating healthy. Here are some simple tips to help guide your teenager toward healthy eating and positive lifestyle choices.

As teens mature, they naturally begin to make eating and lifestyle choices on their own and often with the influence of peer pressure. Even as teens gain more independence, it is still the responsibility of parents and guardians to provide examples of healthy living.

Help your teen fuel up for the day

As teens load academics, sports, school social events, and other activities into their weekly schedule, correct nutrition often takes a back seat. Since your teen begins and ends the day at home, you can help direct proper eating habits. For instance, have healthy breakfast options on hand for your teen to eat or make them breakfast before they leave for school. This way, you have direct control over the types of foods they are fueling their day with. Eggs, whole wheat toast, oatmeal, and fruit are a few of the healthy options available to you.

Watch out for strange eating patterns

Adolescence is prime time for developing eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. If you notice any strange eating habits in your teen, don’t be afraid to appropriately discuss your concerns with them. If you think your child indeed has an eating disorder, work with your teen to schedule an appointment with their physician. Strive to diminish food related arguments and don’t be surprised if your child becomes defensive when discussing your concerns with them.

Spend time with your teen

Many teens are already enrolled in sports or extracurricular activities that get them moving each day, but others are not. If your teen leans toward inactivity, choose a fun activity to do with them or as a family like tennis, walking the dog, or biking on a local trail. Research shows that teens who participated in recreational activities with their parents are less likely to develop low self-esteem.

Schedule an appointment

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