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Alison Wellness Clinic is now offering scheduling for you to receive IV hydration therapy. Our goal is that the IV team at Alison Wellness Clinic will provide you with recovery from hangovers, flu, jet lag, exercise fatigue, general exhaustion, weight loss and many other everyday illnesses and provide vitamin boosts in the comfort, privacy, and ease of our private IV room.

It’s well known in the medical community that oral intake of fluids and vitamins have an absorption rate of at best 50-60% whereas IV hydration is 100% absorbed. IV hydration offers the fastest way to replenish needed fluids and electrolytes.

Our mission is to improve how you feel by alleviating the cumulative effects of dehydration, restoring you to vitality and wellness. The therapies provided by the team at Alison Wellness Clinic are proven treatments that have been used in all types of clinical settings including hospitals.


        • 100% Absorption into the Blood Stream
        • Rehydration
        • Replenishes Vitamins
        • Fast Effects
        • Fast Delivery
        • Increases Wellbeing
        • Increases Energy & Improves Metabolic Functions
        • Aids in Weight Loss
        • Improves Mood & Decreases Anxiety
        • Treats Chronic Pain & Headaches
        • Helps Cure Digestive Issues Like IBS
        • Strengthens Immune System
        • Lessens the Symptoms Associated with Allergies, Diabetes, Asthma, PMS & Cancer


      Common Questions and Direct Answers

      Are IV Infusions Safe?

      • Yes. Our IV infusions are safe for most everyone. It should be noted that all medical therapies carry a risk, therefore it is  important for the patient to understand the risks, benefits and alternatives and to receive therapies only from certified medical personnel.


      Does It Hurt?

      • Everyone varies on their fear of needles and we understand that. Our certified medical staff is highly experienced and thoroughly trained. Our staff does it’s best to keep it as painfree and as comfortable as possible.


      Can anyone receive IV Infusions?

      • The majority of our patients are eligible. From time to time, we have to turn people away, not because they will not benefit from the therapies, but because they may require additional diagnostic testing or monitoring. We take pride in our professionalism and your safety is our priority.


      Are IV Infusions covered by my health insurance?

      • No. Our therapies are considered elective  therapies, therefore insurance does not cover IV infusions.


      Do I need to get testing done prior to getting an IV?

      • No. You will not require any testing prior to consultation. Our eligibility criteria are based on the same decision making algorithms utilized in hospitals. We do not make any medical diagnoses and our therapies are not intended to treat any medical condition. Our therapies are designed to restore balance to your body and help you maintain wellness.


      Do I need to make an appointment?

      • We encourage you to make an appointment if your plans are set. We do acommodate walk-ins but sometimes we get very busy.


      What is the advantage of IV hydration?

      • IV drips introduce fluids and essential elements directly into the body with 100% delivery of benefits straight to the target organs. While IV Infusions are not meant to be a substitute for oral intake, they serve as a supplement or a ternative solution to quickly rehydrate the body to peak balance. Drinking large amounts of fluids can result in a sensation of bloating and fullness that does not happen with IV hydration.


      What is the advantage of getting vitamins via IV Infusion?

      • Similar to IV hydration, intravenous infusion directly introduces 100% of the vitamins and nutrients into your system. Ingested vitamins and nutrients are su ject to the absorption barrier in the gastrointestinal tract. You need to ingest vitamins and nutrients in larger amounts and more frequently in order to achieve similar concentration as you would via IV or intramuscular supplementation. Ingestion of large amounts of vitamins can result in upset stomach, and in certain circumstances and conditions, this absorption can be severely limited resulting in deficiencies that can upset the delicate balance of the body.


      How quick will I feel the effects?

      • Everyone is different. As a general rule, the more deficient and unbalanced your system is, the greater and more immediate an effect you will feel. Just because you do not feel an immediate difference, doesn’t mean the therapy is not beneficial. IV therapies are the clinical gold standard in “flushing”out the body of unwanted toxins and helping achieve balance.


      Which of your IV’s are best for me?

      • Our IVs fall into two categories, wellness IVs are for maintenance and recovery IVs are for recuperation. Our personnel will provide you with a thorough explanation on the therapies to help you decide on the most suitable service. Many of our patients receive wellness IVs on a weekly regimen.

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