Is Your Protein Ideal?

 Alison Wellness offers multiple ways to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Because weight loss isn’t easy and many people struggle with it there are many methods for losing weight. At Alison Wellness, we want to offer you a way that’s easy for you while continuing to be a healthy realistic option. That’s why we developed Ideal Protein.

You’re busy right? Maybe you don’t have the luxury of staying home or maybe you’re just constantly on the go. That can make eating well a struggle for most anyone. But you want to be healthier. You want to lose that weight and feel good. So we developed a system that is virtually pain free for the person that has no spare time. That’s exciting right? All the guess work and preparation taken out of your diet and provided for you.

Let’s talk a little about how your body works when you intend on losing weight. We typically burn carbohydrates before we burn fat or muscle. That’s why eating healthy is so important when weight is concerned. You’re likely to burn the carbs you’re consuming than the stored fat in your body if you provide your body an excess of carbs while you’re trying to lose weight. The first thing you’ll do on this program is limit your intake of carbs in order to redirect your body’s natural instincts and encourage it to burn stored fats.
While limiting your carb intake you will be introducing our Ideal Protein meals into your diet. We consider this the first phase of our program. You will consume three Ideal Protein packs along with vegetables & a dinner meal of your choice. You’ll do this until you’ve lost the weight you intended to lose. Sounds easy right? Let’s make it easier – every time you have a meal of your choice you can call on us to pick up a pre-packed meal approved on our program with no prep time. Um hello! Easy as pie. Speaking of pie – we have a pie flavor protein. Mind blown yet?

There’s three more phases which transition you into a diet that incorporates healthy meals you’ll make at home. Also, the reintroduction of carbs. Keep in mind – moderation is how you maintain.
So let’s talk about the protein itself. Why is it so special? It’s not a high protein diet, it’s just a one stop meal for a variety of good quality, protein based foods. And it’s so much more than that – it’s a wonderful way to include vitamins and minerals into your diet – Glow girl! This protein will also curb your cravings, improve your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure. #winning
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