Halloween Safety and Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Huntsville, ALHalloween marks the beginning of some of America’s most treasured (and food filled) holidays. It is a time for family, friends, and fun activities. Here are some simple ways to eat right and keep your kids safe this Halloween.

Make costumes safe

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends only using costumes that are specifically labeled as “flame resistant.” With glowing jack-o’-lanterns at every turn, there is always the possibility of a costume hem getting too close. Put reflective tape on costumes so cars can easily see them. Having a flashlight handy is also helpful in avoiding unseen objects at night. Do a test run with your children’s costume to make sure the hem won’t trip them as they run from house to house.

Wait to buy candy

With stores stacked high with colorful sweet treats, it can be hard to resist picking up a package of candy every time you go shopping. Wait to purchase Halloween candy until the day of so you can avoid indulging throughout October. Better yet, purchase candy you don’t particularly like so you won’t feel tempted to eat it. If you really have an overactive sweet tooth, choose to pass out non-candy items like spider rings, bubbles, or bouncy balls.

Combine trick-or-treating with exercise

When October 31 arrives, encourage your kids to walk from house to house instead of relying on you to drive them. Accompany your children for safety purposes while getting a great evening walk around the neighborhood.

Feed your child dinner before they go trick-or-treating

If kids have a full dinner before they rush out the door on Halloween, they are less likely to snack on candy during their trick-or-treating trek around the neighborhood. Not only will this help your child have the energy for the night, but will also allow you to check all of their candy when they get home.

Sort the candy

When your child gets home, spread their candy on the table and toss anything that doesn’t look like it came directly from the store. If you find homemade sweets, toss those as well unless they came from close family or friends.

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