Food Cravings: How to Take Back the Power they Have over You

Health and Wellness Huntsville, ALIt’s mid-afternoon, and it suddenly hits you with force so explosive you feel like you’ll go insane if you don’t get it soon: cravings. Food cravings can be merciless, but you don’t have to be at their mercy. From sweet treats to savory or salty snacks, these cravings can upend an otherwise healthy diet. The following tips will help you better understand your food cravings and how you can tell them who’s boss.

Eat the foods you’re craving less often

If you always eat the food you crave, you’re only reinforcing the habit. This doesn’t mean you should necessarily go cold turkey, but be realistic. Allow yourself to occasionally indulge in your favorite ice cream, but not every day.

Start using portion control

Don’t all of the sudden eliminate your favorite sweet treat from your diet, instead be mindful of how much of it you’re eating. The first step toward successful portion control is not buying the food you crave in the first place. Simply keep it out of your house where it is easily accessible.

Try something new

Sometimes when we eat, we’re just bored. Distract your mind with a nonfood related activity to take your focus off of those chocolate chips. For instance, every time you feel a craving come on, drop and do 20 pushups, call a friend, take the dog for a walk, or work on a hobby like a painting.

Eat a healthier food

If you are hankering for those potato chips, try eating a healthier snack instead. You may not feel the immediate euphoria you would go with the potato chips, but the satisfaction your body will feel is more lasting and healing. Have some of the following snacks on hand to whip up when cravings strike: apples and yogurt, hummus and pita bread, or grapes and cheese.

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