Do I have a Food Intolerance?

Food Sensitivity Testing Huntsville ALHaving a food intolerance is different than a food allergy. A food intolerance is when your body has a difficult time digesting a specific food or ingredient, like a chemical or dye. A food allergy is when your body believes a certain food is bad for you and tries to fight it off. Here, we will discuss more about food intolerance symptoms and how to test for food intolerance.

Symptoms of food intolerance

Certain signs of food intolerance and allergies are the same. You should absolutely schedule a consultation to see what your symptoms are from, but there are some clues you can watch for. An intolerance typically shows up in the form of digestive issues like gas, pain, bloating, or diarrhea. Hives, rashes, and watery eyes are common signs of food allergies, not a food intolerance. For food intolerance symptoms to show up, you usually have to eat a lot of a specific food and then it may take about an hour before you notice any symptoms. Food intolerances are uncomfortable but they aren’t dangerous.

What types of things could I have an intolerance for?

There are a wide variety of possible foods or ingredients that one can have an intolerance for. These include:

  • Lactose: found in milk, cheese, and other dairy items
  • Sulfites: found in pickled foods, wines, and sodas
  • Gluten: a protein found in barley, rye, wheat, and other grains
  • Fructose: a natural sugar in most fruits, high fructose corn syrup, pastries, processed foods, cereal
  • FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides disaccharides monosaccharides and polyols) Carbs that pull water into the intestine when digestion takes place. These can cause gas bloating, and abdominal pain in some individuals.

How do I test for a food intolerance?

If you suspect you have a food intolerance, arrange a consultation with Alison Wellness Clinic today. Your specialist may suggest an exclusion diet, a hydrogen breath test, or a blood draw.

Arrange a consultation

At Alison Wellness Clinic, we look forward to helping you live healthier day to day. If you have the symptoms connected to a food intolerance, call us today to arrange a consultation. You can reach our clinic in Huntsville, Alabama by calling (256) 489-5748.

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