Consistent Exercise Improves Memory and Thinking Skills

Wellness Huntsville ALExercise offers a plethora of positives. To begin with, it diminishes the chance of getting heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It can also lower your blood pressure, prevent depression, help you lose weight, and help you look better. But did you know that regular exercise can also alter the brain in a way that helps it protect thinking skills and memory?

The science

Researchers have discovered that regular exercise that gets your heart pumping and produces sweat, can increase the size of the hippocampus. This is the area of the brain that is focused on learning and verbal memory. Interestingly, balance and muscle toning exercises as well as resistance training, did not have the same result.

Why the brain needs exercise

Regular exercise can assist the brain by reducing insulin resistance and inflammation, while encouraging chemicals that improve brain cell health and blood vessel growth in the brain. Exercise will also enhance sleep and mood as well as decrease anxiety and stress. A variety of studies have suggested a connection between the parts of the brain that control memory and thinking and people who exercise on a regular basis.

What can you do?

It’s simple. Start exercising today to reap the benefits of boosting your brain power. Studies have shown that walking and other forms of aerobic exercise are excellent ways to improve your memory and thinking skills. Try walking at a brisk pace for one hour, twice a week. If that feels overwhelming, start by taking a 10 minute walk two times a week then gradually increase your time.

Other aerobic exercises you can try include: swimming, stair climbing, squash, dancing, or tennis. Household chores can also contribute to your weekly exercise total. Put in 10 minutes of rigorous floor mopping and you’ll notice your heart pumping! You can also join a class, hire a personal trainer, or go on walks with a friend to help get you motivated.

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