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What Happens During Your Botox Appointment

So you’ve finally decided you want to bring back your youthful glow with Botox injections. Before scheduling a consultation with your doctor, here’s information about how the procedure works. Youthful Beauty in Less Than 15 Minutes Botox is a simple, quick procedure that can be done in less than 15 minutes. While the procedure is […]

Let Injectables Start You on the Road to Good Health

Dr. Bill Alison and the professionals at Alison Wellness Clinic offer a number of injectable products that can naturally improve your health and wellness. We only use injectables that are of high quality and proven to eliminate common health conditions such as fatigue, pain or a lagging immune system. We can also provide injectable products […]

Love Your Skin, Love Your Clarisonic

Patients of all ages and skin types have been raving about the beautiful effects of the Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Brush for years! If you are looking to drastically improve your appearance with younger, healthy-looking skin consider the convenience and affordability of a Clarisonic cleaning brush. Just see what 60 seconds a day can do for […]

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Why Choose Us?

So many people have asked how I lost weight and why I started at Alison Wellness Clinic. My response is simply “by process of elimination, it was the only diet fad and clinic that I haven’t tried.” In January, after breaking my all-time high weight (again), I decided that instead of buying bigger clothes (again) that all the clothes already in my closet were going to fit. Just walking in the door of the Alison Wellness Clinic, I realized this is going to be different from all my past diet clinics. The bright cheerful atmosphere was not the typical shameful... Read More


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