Age Management

What is Age Management Medicine?

In our pursuit to delivering excellent patient care, the Alison Wellness Clinic in Huntsville AL is now offering age management services to our patients. Standing at the forefront of medicine’s 21st century endeavors is age management. Age management in Huntsville, AL, is a medical specialty that focuses on early detection, executing preventive measures, treatment, and reversal of decline associated with aging. This involves actively incorporating preventive measures to optimize a person’s health, restoring your endocrine balance, delaying the manifestation of aging indicators, and trying to prevent premature disability and death. With age management medicine in place, patients can start to enjoy a longer life span with an improved quality of life and enhanced well-being.

It is shown that age-related decline can be managed by looking at certain aspects of a person’s life and making drastic changes to them. These aspects include a person’s lifestyle, nutrition, daily habits, medication, and hormones. Aging is natural and happens to everybody, but age management medicine proves that we can utilize technology to slow down our body’s degeneration and improve the state of both our body and mind. Here at Alison Wellness Clinic, our goal is to maximize your health and improve your way of life.

What are the different age management measures?

In order to help manage the natural degeneration of the body, we have identified several age management techniques here at the Alison Wellness Clinic in Huntsville, AL, to aid you in this endeavor.

  • Supplements – One effective way of battling the effects of aging is taking in regular amounts of food supplements. Our bodies have a required value of nutrients that it needs to produce energy every day and sadly we are not able to meet this in our daily intake which in turn shows through the different aging symptoms that we feel. Taking in the daily supplements makes sure that we do not experience any deficiencies and you will notice a significant improvement in your health over time.

  • Age management for men – Men also go through body changes as they age and go through andropause. Andropause is the counterpart of menopause in women and involves the gradual decline of the male sex hormone, androgen. Andropause can cause hormonal changes that can manifest as changes in the physical, sexual, and cognitive functions of men. Hormone therapy also helps manage the symptoms associated with andropause and has some added benefits to a man’s health like increased libido, lower blood pressure and decrease in abdominal body fat.
  • Age Management for women – Women go through menopause and the decrease in the hormonal output can result to changes that can seriously affect a woman’s physical and mental being. Age management medicine counteracts this condition through hormone therapy and keeping in mind that no two people are the same, this modular program is personalized for each patient.

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