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Perform Skin Cancer Self-Exams Regularly

The earlier you notice a sign of skin cancer, the more likely you’ll be to completely eliminate the disease. To do so, you’ll need to keep an eye out on your skin. Briefly scan your body daily, and perform a thorough self-exam at least monthly. Your dermatologist can then help you determine if you have […]

Medi Spa Services as Alison Wellness

At Alison Wellness Clinic, we offer an array of medi spa services to help your best look. We pride ourselves on providing you with quality services that help restore the youthful appearance you have been looking for. No matter your age, we have a service for you. Skincare Aging skin will definitely give away your […]

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Why Choose Us?

So many people have asked how I lost weight and why I started at Alison Wellness Clinic. My response is simply “by process of elimination, it was the only diet fad and clinic that I haven’t tried.” In January, after breaking my all-time high weight (again), I decided that instead of buying bigger clothes (again) that all the clothes already in my closet were going to fit. Just walking in the door of the Alison Wellness Clinic, I realized this is going to be different from all my past diet clinics. The bright cheerful atmosphere was not the typical shameful... Read More


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