Posts From April, 2015

Makeup Ingredients: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When you walk down the makeup aisle, there are so many choices, and rightly so. Everyone’s skin is very different, and so your skin will react differently to certain makeup ingredients than your neighbor’s will. However, finding the right product for your skin can be very tricky. Many people choose mineral options, as they are […]

There’s a Shot for That: Injection Therapy

Have you tried over and over again to lose weight but have struggled every time? For some people it’s just harder than others. Maybe you have a slow metabolism or a disorder that keeps your weight at an unhealthy level. Losing weight is hard, and sometimes it takes more than diet and exercises. That’s where […]

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So many people have asked how I lost weight and why I started at Alison Wellness Clinic. My response is simply “by process of elimination, it was the only diet fad and clinic that I haven’t tried.” In January, after breaking my all-time high weight (again), I decided that instead of buying bigger clothes (again) that all the clothes already in my closet were going to fit. Just walking in the door of the Alison Wellness Clinic, I realized this is going to be different from all my past diet clinics. The bright cheerful atmosphere was not the typical shameful... Read More


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