Posts From October, 2014

Experience Dramatic Weight Loss with the HCG Diet

You may have only heard of the HCG diet from people here and there, yet you haven’t actually tried it to know the truth. Here at our Huntsville weight loss practice, we help patients lose weight and achieve their desired body through the HCG diet. From the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG is naturally […]

Fructose VS Glucose: 3 Ways Sugar Sabotages Your Diet

Many of us know how sugar greatly contributes to weight gain. The intake of excessive amounts causes us to bloat sooner or later. Here at our Alabama weight loss clinic, we encourage patients to have a healthy diet and pay attention to their sugar intake. To prevent sugar from sabotaging your diet and weight, you […]

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So many people have asked how I lost weight and why I started at Alison Wellness Clinic. My response is simply “by process of elimination, it was the only diet fad and clinic that I haven’t tried.” In January, after breaking my all-time high weight (again), I decided that instead of buying bigger clothes (again) that all the clothes already in my closet were going to fit. Just walking in the door of the Alison Wellness Clinic, I realized this is going to be different from all my past diet clinics. The bright cheerful atmosphere was not the typical shameful... Read More


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